Nail Tutorial: Strawberry Nails

by Kaylah Stroup
I have another cute tutorial to share today (see the last one here, it’s on how to make a triangle design). I’m going to show you how to make your finger nails into cute little strawberries. Sure there has been a million other tutorials on strawberry nails but the problem I found was that I can’t freehand with polish. But then it hit me…I could use tape!

 • pinking sheers • red nail polish • green nail polish 
a nail art pen (or black nail polish and a toothpick) • top coat • scotch tape

Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, let’s get started!

1 // Paint your nails red!
2 // After the base coat is dry cut ten strips of tape using your pinking sheers. Firmly apply one piece per nail.
3 // Apply the green polish on the area you left un-taped for the leaves.
4 // Gently, and slowly pull of the tape. I find my nails turn out best if I take the tape off immediately after painting instead of waiting until my whole hand is done.
5 // Using your nail art pen or a tooth pick and black nail polish randomly place polka dots on your nails
6 // After everything is dry, add a top coat! My current favorite is Essie Good to Go, it dries so so so fast!

7 // Enjoy!!!

It’s very easy, just make sure to have patience and take your time.
Make sure to leave me a link if you decide to try on your nails! 😉

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