what I wore: a random warm day in fall

the details:
dress – thrifted
vest – thrifted
camera bag – Jo Totes
socks – c/o We Love Colors
boots – thrifted
brooches – thrifted

The lack of detail shots in this post is kind of bugging me, but honestly, I’m happy to have any photos of this outfit/day. The mosquitoes were having a field day on this one random warm day in fall. I was covered in bites in literally seconds. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them as bad as they were then, it was horrible. But it did lead us to the beach where I figured there wouldn’t be any mosquitoes. (I was right too!)

It’s a given that if I go to the beach I’m going to get my feet wet, I just can’t fight the urge. So as usual I took of my shoes and kicked around in the water. The waves were larger than normal and ended up splashing my dress. It felt so good!


Author: Kaylah Stroup

A collector of weird things. Plant Enthusiast. Wanderer. Beachcomber. Forever longing for the desert.

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