a not quite frozen lake erie…

As I’ve mentioned about a million times before I love visiting the beach in the winter. It’s calm, beautiful and we’re almost always the only people there. Because of the strange weather we’ve been having it hasn’t had the chance to freeze and create those amazing ice dunes I found last year but that doesn’t mean it didn’t leave me in awe yet again.

The waves were pretty intense a few days ago, had been splashing up onto the land and spraying this tree. Everything near the ground was originally standing and had been weighed down by the ice. Pictures don’t even begin to do this amazing sight justice!

The last two photos are from a different beach than the rest of the photos. I actually got wind burn on my face the day they were taken. It was so windy I was literally having a hard time standing, it was crazy. It’s still amazing to me that the weather here can be such polar opposites, I’m really happy to live in Ohio.

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