Nail Stickers!

I have to gush about my favorite new discovery. For Easter my mom got me a little set of nail polish and with this set came some french manicure guide stickers made from paper (similar to what paper reinforcement stickers are made from) in the standard curved shape but it also came with v-shaped ones made that makes a snazzy little chevron shape on your nail. I realized these were something I would not be able to go without again. So I set out to the internet to find more.

After searching a little while I finally found the set I would buy, they’re cheap and best of all there were more designs than just the curve and v shape!

They turned out to be even more amazing than the stickers that came with the set my mom got me and 100 times more awesome than tape! They’re made from a vinyl like material. If you’ve experimented with scotch tape a lot than you may have noticed that it sometimes almost like dissolves a little bit when the nail polish on it for too long which compromises the clean lines. Well, that doesn’t happen at all with these! They’ve pulled off clean every time.

Here is an example of what each sticker looks like and the design it makes. I just chose to showcase my favorite four designs, but there are a total of ten offered where I bought them from (I’m sure with time, in weekly nail posts, you’ll eventually see them all…at least three times)

The stickers I bought were from this seller on ebay. The shipping was quick despite being from another country and I couldn’t be happier with the stickers. I can’t believe these were something I didn’t even know existed. Cutting scotch tape may be fine if you only plan on doing your nails fancy once or twice. But from now on I’m sticking to these stickers – what a time saver!!

Just like with tape I recommend taking the stickers off the sheet and placing them on your (clean & dry!) skin so they’re not so sticky. And always, always, always make sure to apply the sticker to a very dry base coat so you don’t have any issues with it peeling it off when you take the sticker off.

In case you’re curious the colors I’ve used in these photos are…

L’Oreal L’orange
Revlon Bare Bones (one of my absolute favorite colors!)
(and of course a top coat of Seche Vite!)

I seriously can’t get enough of these stickers! It’s one of those purchases that I honestly just want to buy tons of because I’m afraid some day they won’t be available or I won’t be able to find them!

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