New Hair!

I finally ventured away from purple and blue! Well, mostly. It still includes blue and purple but it’s a whole different feel than I’ve had for nearly the last year.

The colors I used are…
Beyond the Zone – Tripped Up Turquoise
Manic Panic – Electric Lizard
Punky Colour – Plum
Ion Color Brilliance – Magenta

The beyond the zone color (the blue) was kind of a disappointment because it’s so much darker in the bottle and when applied but when I rinsed it out it was so light. I’ve grown to really like it though. I’m actually happy that it’s a light blue instead of dark now.

Electric Lizard and Plum were just as I expected but that darn magenta was quite a shocker. As I mentioned in my post about hair dying, I always mix conditioner in with my dye so it conditions the hair for the 4+ hours I leave the dye in. It also majorly reduces the amount that rinses out. So, I prepared the Magenta just like the other three and went about my business. I dyed my hair in the evening, rinsed it right before bed and without evening looking at it hopped into bed. The second I got out of bed I ran to the mirror to find the pink looked as though it was a few months old, it was SO faded. I decided to redye it without the conditioner because it was the only thing I could think of that would make this dye so crappy.

The pink (Ion magenta) did turn out the correct color the second time dying it but hooooly cow straight out of the tube and without it being mixed with conditioner it smells so bad. The smell overpowered my shampoo and conditioner and ended up sticking around for two or three days after the dye job. If I had to choose something that it smelled like I would have to say wet dog. Not cool. It also stains like craaaazy. I’ve been dying my hair bright colors for just about four years straight and I’ve never had an issue with hair color staining or rubbing off on anything. I have to wear a towel around my neck while it dries so it doesn’t get on my neck or clothing. I also have to paint my finger nails dark colors do it doesn’t stain them either. UGH. I’m not really one to complain about a brand but I certainly wouldn’t recommend Ion Color Brilliance brights to anyone. Paying another five dollars to buy another brand, like Punky, or Manic Panic, would have been well worth it.

just flipping my hair, y’all!

Anyway, despite all the little issue and having to redye the next night to fix that, I seriously loooove this color combo. The blue and green together are so much prettier than I ever imagined they would be. I actually even considered leaving out the green at the last minute, so glad I didn’t!

Ps. If you have any questions about hair dye, please see my short series Hair Tips and Tricks.

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