what i wore; at the covered bridge

the details 
dress – c/o Rusty Cuts
belt – thrifted
camera bag – Jo Toes
shoes – thrifted

I don’t particularly care for our neighborhood, the homes are too close together for my tastes but I do love the surrounding area. We’re a hop, skip and jump from a variety of awesome things – including bunches of covered bridges. This one is the one closest to us and we’ve been spending more and more time there since discovering lots of mushrooms there last summer.

Last week we went down there for a few hours, played on the banks, splashed around in the water and looked for critters and mushrooms. We really didn’t find much except for a little area with tons of crawdads. We ohhh-ed and ahhh-ed at the tiny ones. They are so stinken cute!! It’s ingrained in my brain that any tiny animal is super cute. (See last year’s baby turtle, tiny toads and that super cute bunny. Oh my!)

This has quickly become on of my favorite summer dresses. Judith makes them exactly to your measurements which eliminates all the fuss of trying to figure out what size to order and worrying it won’t fit. The dress is super comfortable and light weight – a must for summer attire. I wish I had five of them in a bunch of different patterns and colors.

Also I can’t get over how much I love the cut of the back of the dress. I used to have some acne on my back (looking back it wasn’t really that bad, but I felt so embarrassed of it as a teenager) which left me buying only clothes with really high backs. That was not fun in the summer time, finding sleeveless shirts that came up to my neck in the back was super hard! Eventually, as I got older, it just cleared up on it’s own and I learned to accept the minimal scarring. Now showing off my back feels so great, not worrying about covering up is just the best.

Well, I’ve got to run, there are oddles of photos from the weekend begging to be sorted through. Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

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  • Ah! this is less than 10 minutes from my house! I love going to the river. If you ever want to come back and decide to go swimming theres a great rope swing at the top of the damm. You just have to go back into the woods behind the parking lot a little bit:) Seems crazy that someone who i found by reading blogs has visited my little hometown.

  • Ah I love Rusty Cuts! I wore one of her dresses to my spring fashion show. It was so comfortable but still quite dressy and perfect for the occasion. This dress looks great on you!!