what we wore: best friends!

my details 
dress – c/o Modcloth
sweater – c/o Modcloth
glasses – c/o Tumbleweeds
belt – thrifted / vintage
necklace – gift from  Friendly Gesture
brooch – City Song Vintage
camera bag – c/o ONA
shoes –  Tush c/o Blowfish Shoes
(You can find Elycia’s outfit details on her blog.)

Elycia and Ivan were out the weekend before last we had a blast, as always.
Saturday we spend the morning at the park taking pictures and playing in
the sand on the beach. (It was far too cold to swim!) I finished off a roll of split cam pictures that I cannot wait to share. I literally shot one of my
favorite pictures this weekend, it just about made me choke when I saw
Taking pictures with other people who like to take pictures is just
awesome and taking turns plotting out silly pictures with our toy cameras is the best. I’m really excited for her to come out and stay a few days with me during the week this summer – not only will we have an amazing time but I will have so much film to get developed!

So, how amazing is that brooch I’m wearing from City Song Vintage?!
When I read the description and saw that it was meant for holding
glasses it had to be mine. I think it will come in handy an awful lot
this summer when I’m looking for somewhere to put my sunglasses when I’m
out and about. After I found and bought it I went on a hunt for more of them. I love when I discover something I didn’t even know existed and then find a whole world of them afterwards. There are so many awesome ones available online. Must…resist…buying…..ten…..more.

Hope you have a fabulous day! I’m going to do some baking. While Ivan and Elycia were out I found a full sized donut pan at thrift store (brand new!!) So instead of the mini ones I normally make (that get devoured way too fast) I get to make big colorful donuts! (Psst. here’s the recipe if you’re wanting to try them)

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