2012 Goal Recap – Books – Part Two

At the beginning of the year I made a goal to read 15 new to me books and back in July I did a mid-year recap of what I’ve read this year. I’ve been cruising along on my goal so I thought it was time to do another little recap of what I’ve read. I surpassed my goal by six so far. I’ve still got a few months of the year left and a whole lot left in my to read pile.

I’m still reading the same sort of things. Before you read on about what I’ve been reading perhaps the little disclaimer in the previous book recap post would relevant. 😉

 Since June I’ve read…
Strip City by Lily Burana
Let’s Go Play at The Adams’ by Mendal W. Johnson
Confessions of a Working Girl by Miss S
A Day In The Life Of Death by Ryan Lee
Mortuary Confidential by Todd Harra
Secret Diary of a Call Girl by Belle de Jour
Bonk by Mary Roach
Stiff by Mary Roach
Does This Mean You’ll See Me Naked? by Robert D. Webster
Down Among The Dead Men by Michelle Williams

I enjoyed all but one of them. (A Day In The Life Of Death – I thought the author had a really sassy tone, I didn’t like that). These ten are a great mix of the things that I enjoy reading about. My top three from these were Bonk, Stiff and Down Among The Dead Men.

If you’ve never read anything by Mary Roach you should probably pick up one of her books immediately. After Stiff I fell head over heels in love with her writing. Not that’s it’s saying much since there’s only one author whose books I buy no matter what but she’s now number two in my very short list of favorite authors. I’ve currently reading her book Spook and next on my list is Packing for Mars, it’s already on my desk waiting for me to crack it open. It feels so awesome to find a new author to love.

It’s not in my top three but Let’s Go Play at The Adams’ really really sticks out in my head. When I looked back at the pile I’ve read since June I actually was confused for a second because my memory of Let’s Go Play at The Adams’ is SO vivid I thought I had watched a movie not read the book. I was sad to see that the author has only written one book, I’d definitely be down to read another.

What have you been reading lately? Got any recommendations you think I would love based on what I’ve enjoyed so far this year?

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  • Mary Roach – YES! She is the best nonfiction writer I've read and I adore her tone and wit and humor. Who else can make a field of bodies decaying in various ways seem like a decent place to visit?

    I'll have to check out Down Among the Dead Men 🙂

  • I'm a high school librarian. I'm in an adult book club. When I come across lists of books people read all the time and usually I find a few in common. This cracks me up. Stiff is one my list to read but that's about it. So thanks for once again being an original.

  • Great to see other people love Stiff as well! I got so many strange looks in high school when I read it, and I have yet to meet another person that has read it! Surprisingly enough, I haven't read any of Mary Roach's other works, but I'll definitely get around to it. You and I seem to have incredibly similar book tastes, so I'm sure I'll love all of the ones you mention (:

  • Would you happen to have a goodreads account? We seem to have similar tastes in books, and I'd love to read your recommendations. It's also great to see so many other people loved Stiff! I got so many strange looks in high school for reading/loving it, hahaha.

  • I really enjoyed Stiff, read it years ago. The tough thing about it is it's such a hard book to pitch to people, just the other day I mentioned something I learned from it over lunch and everyone looked at me all horrified. I found it fascinating.

  • You have an amazing taste in books! On both this list and the mid-year recap you did I have loved most of the books you have listed. Some suggestions for you: as far as fiction goes, if you like Chuck Palahniuk (who's my favorite author also!), you should read something by Bret Easton Ellis. Kind of dark, but all good reads.

    As far as non-fictions go, you should check out Diary of a Sex Fiend, Sex with Kings, and I'm with the Band…

    Can't wait to see what books you read next!

  • I suggest checking out Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin. It's a super quick read, gets pretty raunchy (in a good way), and is super cute.

    I'm gonna check out lots of these books! Thanks!