Praying Mantises

Do you see what I see?

Earlier this week I went over to my parents to visit and have a family dinner. Often when we go over there we go out on a little walk through the woods to look for critters, mushrooms and anything else interesting we can find, this day was no exception. The day before my dad had discovered the field behind their house was just covered with praying mantises so that’s where we headed.

I took an absolutely overwhelming amount of photos of the mantises. It was so hard to choose which to share. There are some of my favorites…

It had been a while since I’d seen a praying mantis in person and it’s safe to say I forgot how absolutely amazing they are. They are so foreign looking. I’m so excited I got to see, examine, learn about and photograph these mantises. I hope this wasn’t a once in a life time experience, to see so many at one time, because I’m already ready to do it again!


Author: Kaylah

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  • Oh I love the one on his glasses…he's first like "oh pose for the camera" and then thinking "hmm what are these hairy pieces above the eyes!" Sorry, I give voice to critters far too much πŸ™‚

  • Hooly Crow! I have never seen that many in one place! Amazing! Is there a specific type of vegetation there? They are truly amazing…but I'd be lying if I said they didn't freak me out. I always thought they could read my mind. ha! These photos rule! So cool!


  • Had to share this post on Facebook. But actually I love all your nature posts! Critters, mushrooms, beautiful insects! Little fellows coming out of nowhere and in fact they are everywhere! We just need to look through the right eyes. Congratulations for having those eyes! Always good to share this feeling about what surrounds us… I will probably include more of my amateur nature photos in my blog, as I am now inspired by these posts! Always keep your joie de vivre, Kaylah. xo Joana

  • These are amazing photos! I am fascinated by insects, but the Praying Mantis is definitely one of the most fascinating! I've never seen so many in place – LOVE the snap you took of all those Mantises on the little boy. WOW!! I admit I had a little itch of freakiness seeing them all over him, but then I was just jealous. πŸ˜‰

  • I LOVE this! I've missed these little guys so much since I moved out west from DE. I've not seen one in like 6 years, and it makes me sad! My favorite memory was putting one on my head and going into the house to show my grandma. She actually screamed and dropped a big pot of soup! it was pretty funny to my like 8 year old self. haha
    Thanks for the memory reminder!