what I wore : maroon and gold

the details
hat – thrifted
cape – thrifted
brooch – gift from Friendly Gesture
dress – Curry Me Away via Modcloth
belt – from another dress
tights – Target
shoes – c/o Romwe
camera bag – c/o ONA

I have to say right now – this is probably my favorite outfit I’ve ever posted. Not the mention I really really love the pictures. I kind of just want to hoard this post away for a while so that it doesn’t get posted then buried by others. I also want to wear this outfit and hang out in the pretty fall colors forever. I’ll stop gushing now though.

Capes really are impractical, moving your arms is weird and my camera bag is always falling off my shoulder. That doesn’t stop me from picking them up at the thrift store though. But in their defense, they’re very cozy and they make me feel super fancy and ladylike. This is my most recent find and really only my second or third time wearing one. I can never figure out what dresses to wear with them. Most of the time I feel like they smother the rest of the outfit but I felt like, for the first time, I made it work! (I also forgot to take full body pictures of myself wearing it from the front. Ooopsy!) I have a handful more capes that I want to make a goal to force myself to find outfits they go perfect with. The weather right now is perfect for short sleeved dresses and capes.

I’m really starting to like my hair cut. (Thank you for all the kind words when I showed it off in my last outfit post!) I mean I liked it before but I’m almost 100% happy with it now. I absolutely love the way it looks curled with the headband method, which is what these curls are from. I’ve been doing that every day. I do dislike that the result are pretty inconsistent but hey, I’m happy with any volume! I really like that having short hair is forcing me to wear my hair down. It does fit in a tiny ponytail but it just looks so silly I’ve only put it up once or twice since the cut. Wahooo for finally loving my hair!

Hope you have an awesome Monday!

fun fact : maroon & gold were my high school colors! so after remembering that fact these colors, despite looking awesome together in this outfit, now just make me think of high school. 
fun fact pt. 2 : throwing leaves in the air and trying to get them to come down looking nice is hard. We had to take so many pictures. Almost always they ended up coming down in a big lump. Haha!

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