2013 Bulletin Board

It’s becoming an annual thing to clear my bulletin board off and start fresh at the beginning of each year. (See 2012’s here) It’s nice to get a chance of scenery in here!

I tried my hardest to only include things that weren’t up on the 2012 board but there were some I just couldn’t leave behind. That silly smiling cat postcard, the tiny deer mount, and “five dollar felines” ad all had to go back up, I just love them too much to hide them away in a drawer.

One of my favorite things up there currently (other than the super awesome banner I made from a salvaged natural history book!) is the little dried mushroom seen in the third photo. Like I mentioned I’ve been cleaning like crazy. De-cluttering everything! One of the things I did was clean out my collection of mushrooms. I had a lot of not so nice specimens from before I really got the hang of drying mushrooms. I choose to only save some of my favorites that I would display instead of keeping them all hidden away in a container like they were. This tiny little guy was one who made the cut but I wanted a better way to display him since I was just smitten with how cute he was. He was already attached to some moss and wouldn’t ya know it while browsing through the same book I made the banner from I stumbled upon a cute little picture of moss. So I glued the mushroom and it’s moss onto the paper. I just love the way it looks. It kind of makes me want to experiment with more print and natural world collages, I think that could be really cool!

A few sources…
stay home club.
“you’re the cat’s pajamas” postcard.
nail polish rack.
the numbered push pins, deer mount and sunglasses are all vintage.


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