My Favorite 10 outfits from 2012!

At the very beginning of 2012 I shared my favorite outfits from 2011, so of course it’s only proper that I share a few of my favorite outfits from 2012…

1 // Maroon and Gold 2 // First Coat of the Season 3 // A New Favorite 4 // Polka Dots All Over

5 // Country Mouse 6 // Black, White and Mint 7 // Blue Suede Shoes 8 // Bright and Sunny

It was quite hard to choose only ten! There were so many I really liked (and only a few I found embarrassing! Hah!) I kind of wish I had something more to say about my outfits or that I could talk about how my style has evolved but it’s pretty similar to last year. I’m mostly into high waisted skirts
with fun shirts, and dresses – always belted – with a cardigan, tights
and fun shoes. The thing that changes the most is whether it’s
obnoxious patterns or not and whether it’s neutrals colors, bright
colors, or pastels I’m into at the time. All in all, I’m pretty predictable style wise.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Shout out to my bowler caps to appearing three times in these ten outfits. Clearly one of the best things I’ve ever thrifted.
Also, I am horrible at naming outfit posts, I know. Haha!

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