au revoir, blue!

Last weekend I finally ventured away from my natural hair color (blue!). I had been purposely trying to fade my hair for a week or so with long soaks in the bubble bath, and lots of conditioning treatments before I bleached it. That blue was not coming out! I finally decided just to go for it. The bleach took out the majority of the blue but there were still some spots left with light blue. Luckily putting the pink over top made those spots a pretty purple. It all worked out perfectly.

I used Punky Colour in Flamingo Pink, Plum and Purple (each mixed with equal parts conditioner because it helps stop the color from bleeding, and staining plus I really love to condition) I used plum on the bottom layer, purple in the middle and flamingo pink on the top.

I’m pretty smitten with it, but somehow this doesn’t quite satisfy my urge to dye my hair. Perhaps because pink and purple also feel fairly natural to me as well. All I know is I’m not comfortable crossing off my new year’s goal of venturing outside blue and purple hair just yet. I think it’s going to take another color to mark that goal off…

Hope you’re having a lovely Monday.

You can find all my tips on bleaching, dying and maintaining colorful hair here.

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