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One of my new year’s goals was to keep up the reading momentum I had in 2012 and read 30 books. I’d have to say I’m off to a fairly decent start. Six books down, twenty four to go. Oh goodness, actually, can I just admit that I probably won’t feel happy unless I read over 30? I set goals, either I’ll write them or tell someone, but then I’ll make secret goals that I keep to myself so even I reach the real goal I’m not satisfied unless I reach my secret goal. I used to do this a lot when there was still a Dainty Squid shop and I was sewing constantly. It drove me nuts. Anyway, I’m not even 100% sure what my “secret goal” is but I just know it’s more than 30 so I have my work cut out for me.

Last year I blogged about the books I had finished in sets of ten, but this year I think I might like to do it more often so I’m able to share a little bit more about each book without the post being too overwhelming. I’ve been reading a lot of books on the same subjects (the funeral business, sex work, science experiments, etc.) as last year, it’s like each new one I read leads me to find two or three more that I’ll like.

So far this year I’ve read…
Electrified Sheep by Alex Boese
I am Jennie by Jennie Ketcham
The Cult Files by Chris Mikul
Sexual Metamorphosis by Jonathan Ames
Sugar Babe by Holly Hill
Mortician Diaries by June Knights Nadle

Let’s start with the bad first… Mortician Diaries. Last year I read a lot of books on a similar subject and this book was just all too familiar. Luckily it was a very, very short read. I had it done in around an hour and a half. If you’re looking for a book about funeral directors I’d suggest Curtains by Tom Jokinen or Down Among The Dead Men by Michelle Williams.

The Cult Files was probably second least favorite. It’s definitely a subject I’m very interested in but I found the way the book was set up hard to follow. With each chapter about a different cult it was hard for me to grasp who was who in each story.  But then again I’m the kind of person who can’t remember who is who in a movie if two of the characters have the same color hair. Hah! Really I just think it was too much information trying to be packed into such a small amount of space.

I am Jennie was a good read. I found myself taking extra long baths just so I could spend more time reading it. Jennie’s writing is very down to earth, which is definitely what I’m looking for in a book of this sort.

Sexual Metamorphosis is an anthology which I can honestly say is my least favorite kind of book. It was good though, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were some really great excerpts that left me immediately wanting to read the book it came from. (Second Serve by Renee Richards and Christine Jorgensen: A Personal Autobiography.) I think I might have found myself a new subject to dive into!

Sugar Babe was really great! I’ve read lots of books about sex work but none about sugar babies/daddies. I thought Holly was a great writer, I felt really involved in the story. It was certainly a fun read. 

Electrified Sheep was definitely the winner for me from this group. I had previously read and liked Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese and wanted to read more from him. I love reading about bizarre experiments.  My favorite section in this book was “Do-It-Yourselfers” about scientists experimenting on themselves. Trying to figure out how/where food digests in their bodies, giving themselves worms and self surgery are just a few topics from that section. Riveting right? Well, to me it is! Even though it wasn’t the books intended purpose it got me really curious about more science experiments that have been done on humans. Anyone have any reading suggestions on that subject?

Fingers crossed I can keep reading at this rate for the rest of the year. I have a pretty hefty to-read stack!

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  • We have the EXACT same taste in books! I'm a funeral science student, and I'm fascinated by cults and sex work. I never thought I'd see those interests in concert anywhere else!