what I’ve been reading…

Five more books down toward my new year’s goal of 30! That’s a total of eleven so far this year, only nineteen left! I’ve had some pretty great momentum lately. The newest book I started after finishing this batch was already half done within a day (it’s a nearly 400 page book.) Most days I wish I could just pause time and plop down on the couch to read for a while. I’m excited to conquer the rest of my ever growing to-read pile because it’s full of awesome books.

What I’ve been reading…
A Stripper’s Tail by Diamond
Working by Dolores French
Not Taco Bell Material by Adam Carolla
Why Is The Penis Shaped Like That? by Jesse Bering
The American Way Of Death Revisited by Jessica Mitford

Let’s start with the worst first. A Stripper’s Tail. Did you notice something “off” about that title? Tail like what a puppy has, not tale like a story. That should have told me all I needed to know about the book but honestly I was kind of hoping for some redeeming story about a stripper with a tail. Alas I never found it. Instead I found a bunch of typos, and a few more times where the author mixed up words. Do and due. Even worse than that – waist and waste. (gross!) Definitely a book I would not recommend.

I’m on the fence about Not Taco Bell Material. One on hand it was a quick read, I finished it over a weekend. I laughed a lot in the beginning of the book and generally enjoyed his stories. But as the book went on I started to get annoyed, I felt like Adam had a holier-than-thou attitude. I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t be reading memoirs of celebrities I never really was interested to in the first place? If I had to rate it out of five stars I’d give it three because even if it left me with a bad taste for Adam Carolla it did keep my interest and have me laughing.

Working by Dolores French was pretty good! Dolores started working at 27, which is pretty “old” to get in the game so she brought a different perspective to the table compared to the other books on prostitution that I’ve read. My only complaints are that I felt like Dolores skipped around a lot and that she perhaps breezed over serious things like they were no big deal. (Being held at gun point! Hello!) But all in all it was definitely a great read.

These last two are were my favorites from the group. Why Is The Penis Shaped Like That? by Jesse Bering was so great! It was chock-full of silly puns and really, truly interesting information. The book covered all sorts of subjects from when brain damage makes folks act out sexually to asexuality to zoophilia and of course, why the penis is shaped like that. It’s obviously not a book for the faint of heart – if you couldn’t already tell by the title. But by golly, it’s a good read if that’s your cup of tea!

I had been wanting to read The American Way Of Death Revisited for a long time. Nearly all of the funeral books I’d read previously had referenced it in some way or another so my curiosity was piqued! It was an extremely eye opening book on the funeral industry to say the least. I would definitely recommend it if you have any interest whatsoever in the funeral industry.

What have you been reading lately? Have any recommendations you think I would love based on the other books I’ve enjoyed?

To find more posts on what I’ve been reading you can view the “books” tag. Lots of good reads to be found in there! πŸ˜‰

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  • I dont have a book to suggest, but a web series. Have you seen Wild Sex on youtube? It's hosted by a very laid back lady and is full of weird information! Theyre only about 7 minutes an episode and hilarious, who knew ducks had corkscrew shaped penises?? check it out if it sound like somwthing you'd like!

  • "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat" by Oliver Sacks describes case histories of some of his brain damage patients. They aren't sexual, and it is rather clinical at times, but it is a very interesting (and at times, very sad) read.

    "Assuming the Position: A Memoir of Hustling" by Rick Whitaker is a look back on the author's time spent as a male prostitute. It talks about his drug use, the interesting John stories, and the psychological effects the life had on him.

    Let me know what you think!

    • I just read "The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat" -it was pretty good, but yes, a bit clinical at times.
      I also read "The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog" by Bruce Perry, a child psychiatrist, it was fascinating and utterly heartbreaking.

  • I love this post. Books are my whole world haha But if you're interested in funerals and the science of death you should read "Stiff" by Mary Roach if you haven't already. It was captivating and engaging and slightly unnerving. (The only body farm in the US is in my home state of TN….) If you haven't read it I think you'd like it!

  • I definitely want to read that Jesse Bering book! And as for A Stripper's Tail…….. why doesn't she have an editor?? I worked as a writing tutor for a couple of years (with an emphasis on proofreading and editing), and that would drive me nuts! I probably wouldn't even be able to read it! Have you ever read Diablo Cody's book, Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper? If not, it's a great read AND she's a wonderful writer.

    xox Sammi

  • Adam Carolla is honestly the worst. He makes comments like "Women can't be funny" and he thought his car-talk show was funnier than Car Talk that comes on NPR stations. Such a jerky-jerk.

    Why is the Penis Shaped Like That sounds really interesting. I have a hunch as to what 'why' they give in the book.

  • Ugh Adam Corolla is the worst. He's a misogynist, racist, and definitely holier-than-thou piece of trash.

    lol negative Nancy over here–the rest of your books always sound so so interesting and cool. I love reading about human sexuality.

  • I have a feeling ' A Stripper's Tail' was written like that on purpose, spelling "mistakes" and all. All the examples you gave sound like pretty apt puns given the subject.

    • I'm confident the spelling errors were due to lack of an editor, and poor grammar and writing skills. The "puns" weren't in context to be punny. Had you've seen the rest of the writing in the book I'm sure you'd agree.

  • Oh my goodness, "Why is the penis shaped like that?" seems like a book I would love to read. Have your read "Live Nude Elf: The Sexperiments of Reverend Jen"? I recommend it!

  • I have a lot of recommendations on sex work. I'll post them later when I'm home (I did a lot of research on the sex industry, so I have a lot!)

  • I promisse myself this year I would read more. The " i have no time" excuse wouldn't work anymore, and the reading time would more than just in the subway trip. And I'm so happy… Since I was a child I loved to read. Why i ever paused so much?

    I have a sugestion for you, more related to the biological side but I laught a lot with this book. It can be scientific correct and funny at the same time. It's called "Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation" by Olivia Judson. The author acts like she is a sexual therapist, but for animals. It's really cute and you have some info like the most ornamented penis from the world is from the dragonfly.Hope you like the sugestions.


    Sofia G

  • The books that you like always sound so awesome! Thanks for doing these posts.. quite a few of them you've reviewed have ended up on my "to read" list.

    Also, I think you may like books by Rob Dunn. He was my advisor in college and he writes popular science books. His first one, Every Living Thing, follows obsessions of different scientists, including Linnaeus who wanted to find and catalog every creature on earth. His second book, The Wild Life of Our Bodies, takes a look at parasites and mutualists and basically just strange relationships that humans have evolved overtime with different organisms. Both of these books are very enlightening, pretty well written, quite funny a lot of times, and in general just great reads.

  • I love your book posts! You always have such wonderful recommendations (unlike a lot of people I know, who keep recommending 50 Shades to me..) I just finished reading a book from your last post, Electric Sheep. Before that, I read "Mutations: On Genetic Variety And The Human Body". It was a good read, but different than I was expecting. It went a lot more in depth on specific genetic reasons behind mutations, when I was more expecting a bunch of interesting mutations. (Although, as a genetics major, that didn't disappoint me at all!)

  • I love the Mitford sisters! (well…apart from Unity. You know). If you're interested in how brain injuries can affect people's personalities & impulses, have you read any of Oliver Sacks's books? I have read a few and enjoyed them v. much – they're quick and satisfying

  • Definitely a different version of the "What I have been reading" blog entry. I usually go for the 'easy' lecture, such as books by David Sedaris, he is funny in a crooked way and most of his books are compiled of short stories. You can tell, if I have time to read I like it to be convenient and easy. Lately though I have been sucked into a different world of reading and some of the books you recommended are going on my 'to read' list.

  • Have you seen that Mary Roach has a new book called Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal coming out next month? I really hope I get to see her when she comes to Boston!