See ya later, purple!

Saturday night, on a complete whim, I decided to bleach and dye my hair. My bathroom cupboard is packed full of hair dye in just about every color I could ever want so I just waited to see how light my hair bleached to before deciding what I wanted to dye it.

Oddly enough the purple and pink bleached right out. Normally they’re two colors I have problems getting out of my hair but I was literally watching it disappear before my eyes as I applied the bleach. I still had some residual blue left. I’m opposed to going back to blue for a little while though. I still want to play around with new colors and combinations before settling down with a color again.

This is Punky Colour Turquoise mixed with equal parts Punky Colour Bright Yellow and conditioner on the top layers of hair with Punky Colour Apple Green underneath. I’ve had green hair three very short times in the past (here is one of them) but this is definitely my favorite! I think this one might be sticking around for a while or at least until I can’t fight the urges to completely make over myself again. 😉

I’m just glad I decided to do this way after St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve found that someone will always ask if your hair color correlates with whatever holiday is closest. When I was in the ER at the beginning of the year with a concussion the nurse and doctor both (at separate times) asked if my blue hair was “for the new year”. Um, no? Pink hair for Valentines. Orange for Halloween. Pastels for Easter. Purple for The Grape Jamboree (it’s a local thing). These are all things I try to avoid.

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

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