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I never intended to wait this long to get my license. I actually never really considered it in high school. Even though I grew up in the country I always had my mom or a friend to drive me places so it wasn’t really needed. I remember sitting in homeroom hearing my friends and acquaintances talk about drivers ed the previous night and feeling like “what? we’re old enough for that already?!” The years passed and I started to get freaked out by the idea of driving. For some reason me driving a car just seemed too strange. I knew I eventually wanted my license but I was in no rush at all.
It’s been on my list of goals for a few years now and each year I had put it off. But for some reason I just knew this was the year, something was (is) different. I’m no longer content cooped up in my house. I need to get out and explore. I mean, sure, it’s not that bad but I really really felt trapped and getting my license was the first step in finding a cure for this. 
Learning to drive was fun, honestly. I’ll admit it was definitely scary at first. I would move over in my lane when a car was coming from the opposite direction in their lane, I wasn’t able to take a hand off the wheel to scratch my nose and I always felt like I was drifting to the right (which I wasn’t!) But one day it was like something clicked and I wasn’t nervous anymore. I could give you a list of a thousand little changes I see in my driving already. Obviously I still have a lot to learn but I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of my progress this far.
I went out for the day yesterday because of course I’m going to go drive around after I get my license.  I can’t even believe it when I think about it but that was literally the first time I’ve been somewhere alone. I’m so in love how this feels, it’s the best. It is so liberating. My car can take me just about anywhere and that’s such a great thought.
Today I’m, oddly enough, spending the day at home to catch up on some work I got backed up from all the excitement of the last few days but you best believe when I’m finished I’ll be planning some awesome day trips to take in the very near future. I’m definitely down to hear any suggestions of must visit places anywhere near Cleveland, Erie, Pittsburgh, etc. area. I’m really into silly roadside attractions and fun museums!

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  • Congrats! If you travel to Pittsburgh, you should check out the Warhol Museum! It is really fun there. They have a photo booth in the bottom section – it is an old style one with nice paper and it is black and white! The Carnegie Museum is good, too – you can look at art and then natural history, like the different animals and birds (the birds section is really good), and mummies.

    Zenith is really good vegetarian food (I miss Sunday brunch since I moved), plus it is an antique shop throughout, so someone can actually purchase the table that you are having your meal on! It is really cool.

  • I am 23, and just started learning to drive this past January. What a coincidence that I came upon this post this morning. Today is the day I take my test! I haven’t looked at your blog in months, it seems. I was busy planning an art show (my first true, grown-up venture) and had no time for putzing on the internets, but got the web in my new house last night, couldn’t sleep, got up and found this. This has gotta be a sign. Wish me luck. I’m happy for you and am super excited and not (as) nervous anymore!

  • I'm 26 and made my road test appointment just minutes ago. Hopefully on Wednesday I will be a licensed driver and won't be carrying this silly anxiety with me anymore! I've been putting this off for 10 years. How ridiculous is that?