where I work :: magnetic chalkboard & more

by Kaylah Stroup
A few weeks back I painted a wall in office with both magnetic paint and chalkboard paint so now I’ve got myself a fancy pants magnetic chalkboard! Awesome, right!? I’ve been wanting to change up my office for some time and finally it hit me exactly what I wanted. So I picked up Rust-oleum magnetic primer and chalkboard paint and set off to work!

The magnetic paint was kind of a hassle. I probably wouldn’t use it ever again. It was insanely difficult to mix. All the magnetic particles or whatever were just in a solid three inch glob at the bottom. My arms were actually sore from mixing this stuff. (If you pick some up locally ask someone in the paint department to throw it in the mixing machine for you real quick to make it a bit easier!) On top of that it took two full cans and what felt like a billion coats to even get it remotely magnetic. I’m really glad I didn’t decide to paint an even bigger area than this, that would have been crazy.

Let’s talk about how much the magnetic primer stinks! I had all my windows open, the fan running, taking all the precautions I’d normally take painting. A few hours after I was done painting I started smelling gas. I called the gas company and commenced a mini freak out. I grabbed the all four cats, put them in three carriers and shoved them in my car. Then ran back in the house grabbed a bunch of things that were special to me and pulled my car out into the road and waited for the gas company to arrive. Nearly an hour later the guy shows up and I take him into the house. Long story short, he didn’t smell anything, his machine couldn’t detect any gas and he asked if I’d be painting. How embarrassing!! I’m not 100% sure why it took so long for the smell to get to me especially because it never really smelled in the room I was painting but after I started painting again with the second can I realized this stuff does sort of smell like gas.

Anyway, back to my little project. The next day, after that was all dry, I applied the chalkboard paint which was a breeze compared to the magnetic stuff. I painted two coats and waited for a few days before “conditioning” it (which is just rubbing down the whole thing in chalk so it’s easier to erase.) Easy peasy! Luckily there was some spare molding in the basement from when I moved in so that made an easy frame for the whole thing. I love how it doesn’t actually look like I painted the wall itself but hung a big chalkboard instead.

Despite being a bit of pain in the butt I’m very happy with how this turned out even if I have to use super strong magnets and everything is now covered in a fine layer of chalk dust. Ha! I wouldn’t recommend using the magnetic primer if you’re looking for something easy, cheap or very strong but the chalkboard paint is great. It’s super neat to be able to write on my wall!

As well as that little project I also cleaned out the closet in this
room that was home to lots of random things many of which now are at
Goodwill. With that closet clean I was able to move one of my clothing
racks in there which freed up a ton of room and made the room SO much
brighter. I stacked my shoe racks so they take up less floor space and
moved in a table for succulents. I’m so happy with this room now. It’s
amazing how much of a difference little changes like that can make.

I love this little office of mine!

magnetic paint
chalkboard paint 
giant mushroom
giant ice cream cone – vintage
bunting – handmade
hanging planter – target
wisdom tooth print 
humming bird print
shoe rack 

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