Weekly Nail

Supplies used…
Fresh Paint Blackberry Smoothie
Orly Charged Up
L’oreal After Hours
Seche Vite as a top coat
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here

NCLA As If  is the latest addition to my ever growing collection of nail polish. I actually got it in my very first Pop Sugar Must Have box (which I immediately cancelled after I opened it. The nail polish was literally the only thing I didn’t throw away or donate to the thrift store. What a waste of money! Now I’m back on the hunt for a new subscription box to join) the same day I bought a similar color, Sation’s Lollipop! Goes The Princess*, at TJ Maxx. Guess this shade and I were meant to be!

Using different shades of the same color is one of my all time favorite things to do, if you couldn’t already tell, and this one really knocks it out of the ball park. This is one of my favorite manicures in a while. It’s so pretty! Sadly, it didn’t last long. Chlorine makes my nail polish chip like no other and it’s certainly been a week for swimming!

Hope you’re having a perfect weekend!

*Nail polish names are often really strange but I think that one might take the cake for the dumbest name ever! I can’t think of any others that compare. Well unless you’re counting the time I thought Essie’s “Meet Me At Sunset” was actually called “Meet Meat Sunset”. Haha!

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  • I don't know if someone else has ever mentioned Julep Maven, but I've been subscribed to them for a few months and have really liked them. You take a quick little quiz that puts you into one of I think 4 categories, and every month you get several shades of nail polish from that category (or you can change which category you want to be each month) and there are also add-ons of all their other shades that you can include with each subscription box you get. I've really enjoyed receiving them~

  • lovely nails! i wish i had the patience – but i absolutely can't take that couple of hours that you can't do anything with your hands. . . i always end up with a smooshed manicure. . .

    and as to surprise box subscription ideas – have you checked out Fair Ivy Surprises? I'd love to get a subscription with them (but as a Canadian, I'm only eligible for their jewelry one, and i shouldn't be spending money anyway right now. . .) – they have a bunch of different types and they seem pretty lovely!

  • Sign up for Julep right now! Ah! The Maven boxes are not really a surprise, but they do release surprise boxes every month or so, in addition to the regular boxes. It's allll polish (full size!) and it's dreamy. I've had bad luck with surprise subscription boxes in the past. Birchbox was ok, but it was all samples and generally I could only use one item from the whole batch.

    • I've gone to sign up to Julep a few times and each time I backed out because the polishes they said they were going to send me were awful looking. I really don't want to add anymore polishes to my collection that I know from the get go are something I probably won't wear.

      I wish there were most nail polish sub boxes.

    • Aw I understand that. I've had a few shades that weren't really me, but I just gave them away to friends who really liked them. 🙂 I wish there were more polish sub boxes too, most of the ones out there are makeup and I don't really wear a ton of makeup, and when I do it's from specific brands I've been using for years :/