what I wore : black, gray and green

shirt – TJ Maxx
necklace – ebay
skirt – c/o Modcloth
bracelet – Target
camera bag – Epiphanie
shoes – Lunar Ballet Flats via ASOS
phone case – handmade (clear case from here)
At the beginning of the year I realized I didn’t really own very many nice tshirts. I have quite a few button up shirts but sometimes they just feel too fancy. Yes, even the ones I own that are ridiculous patterns! So I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for tshirts cute enough to pair with jeans or skirts when I wanted to stray from dresses. I’ve found a few and oddly enough they’ve all been striped and they’ve all been from TJ Maxx. Every time I visit there I usually find a new striped shirt. This one is my latest score (5 dollars, heck yeah!) It kind of reminds me of something a third grade little boy would wear. That’s kind of strangely specific but that’s where my brain goes. I wonder why… Doesn’t matter, I really dig it!

I have a little update on these shoes since a few people asked for one when I wore them a few weeks back. This is my third time wearing them. The first being the time they really really tore me up. I still swear those were the gnarliest blisters I have ever gotten but they’ve since healed …and scarred. After a super rough but very short (one wear) break in period these I can now wear them with no problems. I’m not a big fan of recommending things that aren’t super comfy from the get go but gosh darn, these shoes are gorgeous.

Happy Tuesday!

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