What I’ve been reading…

I’ve definitely been slacking the reading department lately. Like I said in my last “What I’ve been reading post” it’s because I did the majority of my reading in the car and now that I’ve got my license I’m rarely ever the passenger. I wasn’t making the time to read at home either. But all of a sudden something clicked and I’m back to having my nose in a book every second I get. I forgot how great it was to be completely absorbed in a book.

What I’ve been reading…
Women by Charles Bukowski
Live Nude Elf by Reverend Jen
Why Fish Fart by Francesca Could
Dermaphoria by Craig Clevenger
Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks by David Henry Sterry

This was a pretty great batch of books, so I’ll start with the one that didn’t really impress me – Why Fish Fart. I like books that cover a variety of random questions (kind of like Why Is The Penis Shaped Like That? by Jesse Bering) But this one felt rushed, like the author didn’t pour herself into research. A lot of the questions seemed like the were simply included for shock value and could have just been googled. You’d probably have ended up with better information that way too. Anyway, I’m glad I picked up this one in the discount section at the book store.

The other four were awesome. I’d been avoiding Life Nude Elf for some time. Amazon kept recommending it to me and I kept ignoring it because I hated the title and the fact it was by “Reverend” Jen kind of bugged me. Then someone recommended it to me in a “What I’ve been reading” post and I finally bought it. Well first let me apologize for being a jerk and avoiding a book because of the title and judging the author by what she chooses to go by because holy cow, that was a great book. I absolutely adore Reverend Jen now. She’s funny, intelligent and can write a dang good book. I highly recommend this one.

Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks is a follow up to Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys which was one of the very first books on prostitution I ever read. It also fully surpassed the previous book. It was an incredible read. It’s an anthology of “professionals and their clients writing about each other.” I think that’s what really won me over with this book is that is was really different to read from the clients perspective. As long as David Henry Sterry keeps putting out these books, I’ll keep reading and buying because they’re awesome!

Dermaphoria was a strange one. Had I not previously read (and absolutely loved) Clevenger’s previous book, The Contortionist’s Handbook, I might not have finished this one. It took a while to get into, and a while to understand what exactly was going on. At least for me, maybe you’ll get it right away. But it turned out to be a great book. The kind that when someone catches you finishing it and asks what you thought your response is “don’t talk to me yet, I’m still absorbing.” The kind you think about for days after.

Women, my very first Bukowski book! It was repetitive, and kind of lacking a plot but somehow I loved it anyway. Like I mentioned in a post a few days back I’d had this book sitting on my shelf for around two years before finally picking it up. Guess it was just the right time for me to read it because I tore through it. I’m anxiously awaiting my birthday when I’ll hopefully be receiving more of Bukowski’s books to manically read.

So, what have you been reading?

To see what else I’ve read lately you can use the “books” tag.

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  • Just finished The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow by Rita Leganski. I cannot say how much I adore this book. I read 3-4 books a week so to say this book is now in my top 50 is a big deal. In the top 10 for the year as well. AMAZING book!!

    I encourage everyone to try it. It's her first novel and an astonishing piece of fiction.

  • Bukowski is my favorite!! Women was the first book I read by him as well. I don't know if you are a fan of poetry but his poetry is simply brilliant and entertaining. I've found every thing I've read by him engrossing. Sometimes you're just in the mood for Buk.