ladybug invasion!

With the weather cooling off, my beach season has officially begun. I like reading at the beach when it’s warm but seriously, the beach in the fall is far superior. It’s empty and there always seems to be neat things to find. A few years back I found all those dead monarch butterflies, and you know I love collecting and organizing beach trash. Last week I stumbled upon a TON of ladybugs. I don’t think finding a bunch of ladybugs is all that strange. The bathroom in my parents home always had tons of ladybugs in it each fall but I’ve definitely never seen anything like this at the beach…


I obviously went straight to google when I got home to read all about why they’re there. It’s apparently a super common thing that’s called exactly what it is – a ladybug wash up. There seems to be lots of mixed information on why this happens, you can read about some of the theories here.

I’m still finding ladybugs each day – around my house, in my car, in my camera bag, etc. I must have been covered in them when I left. I still can’t even believe just how many there were. Oddly enough, I went back to the beach two days after I found all of these and there were only a few left there. No big clumps of them left, just some stragglers.

Did you know Ohio’s state insect is the ladybug? I didn’t but it sure seems relevant right now!

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