What I’ve been reading…

Another five books down toward my new year’s goal of 30, which leaves me at 27 read. Not too shabby considering the unexpected reading hiatus I took. I’m starting to notice this really bad habit of not reading at all then all of a sudden spending every waking second trying to squeeze reading time in. Right now I’m in the obsessive reader stage right now.

What I’ve been reading…
Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski
Factotum by Charles Bukowski
Post Office by Charles Bukowski
Riding Rockets by Mike Mullane
My Planet by Mary Roach

As always I’ll start with my least favorite first, Riding Rockets. Riding Rockets started strong, I’ll give it that. He had me laughing out loud in public! I spent all day at the beach reading it and barely made a dent. It just didn’t seem to be an easy read for me. I wanted to like it so bad but after a while it just felt too repetitive to enjoy. I struggled through the last half of the book (if not a bit longer) because I didn’t want to read it but felt obligated to finish it.

My Planet by Mary Roach was pretty great. It’s a collection of her Reader’s Digest columns. You definitely shouldn’t go into it expecting Stiff, Bonk or any of her other books, at all. They’re all short stories centered around her life. I loved it because I got a glimpse at one of my favorite author’s personal life and because even in short essays Mary Roach is still funny as heck.

Ham on Rye, Factotum and Post Office. My boy Bukowski, oh goodness! I did have to take a little break after reading these three in a row (and Women right before that) because his writing did start to bring me down. I can only handle so many crummy relationships, and so much drinking before it bums me out. That being said, I’m still madly in love with Bukowski. I loved each one of these three books. I couldn’t pick a favorite because they’re all very similar, Women included. They’re great books alone but reading them all together, even out of order like I did, is the best! I’m totally bummed I only have a few Bukowski novels left to read.

What have you been reading lately?

1 // Spell check is suggesting I change “Bukowski” to “buckskin”, I literally snorted giggling.
2 // To see what else I’ve read lately you can use the “books” tag.
3 //Tooth planter from Hello Sweetie.

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  • I just checked out 'Candy Girl' from my public library based on your previous review. But I was reading about the author, and Diablo Cody also wrote and produced Jennifer's Body, and Juno! Thought that was pretty cool!
    Thanks for inspiring me to read more!

  • I started reading Mary Roach on your rec, thanks for the heads up about another of her books! I'm still waiting for Gulp to come in on interlibrary loan, have you read that one yet?

  • I love your reading posts! I always find at least a few books to add to my wish list. 😀 I recently finished reading Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury and once I was done I totally thought it might be something you'd like! It was spooky and brilliant and made me reminisce about being a kid in a beautifully nostalgic way. I also read The Girl with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw recently and I think you may enjoy that one too!