2014 bulletin board

At the beginning of each year I take everything off my bulletin board and start over. It’s a cleansing process. I love thinking of the beginning of each year as a brand new start even I don’t necessarily feel like I need it. Plus it’s fun to have a little change of scenery every so often. For the past two years I’ve shared a peek at my fresh bulletin board (2012 + 2013) so of course, I’m here today to share 2014’s bulletin board.

I try to leave off things things that were up the previous year but there are some things I just have a hard time parting with. The banner I made from an old book last year was way too cute not to leave up. That key with the guy on it, I’m not even sure where that came from but it’s been up there since 2012. The deer mount too, I don’t think I’ll ever leave that off.

A few sources :
girl with tooth print, fuck yeah ribbon, cat watch, mouse pin, camera crew patch, cactus queen, tooth embroidery, mushroom, beetle + planet patches, stay home pennant, bear mount, mushroom calendar.
Deer mount, cat postcard, and mushrooms are vintage. Raccoon brooch, and banner are handmade.

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