what I wore : magic jeans

cardigan – Charter School Cardigan in Rust via Modcloth
shirt – Walmart
collar clips – handmade
jeans – TJ Maxx (Indigo Rein)
ring – Ring & Tings
hat – thrifted
bracelet – Target
socks – Romwe (a few years back)
shoes – c/o YRU
camera bag – Siena c/o Jo Totes
I only headed into TJ Maxx to waste some time before a movie (…which I ended up being late to and therefore skipped it altogether) but left with these pants. I just grabbed the closest pair to me in my size on my way into the fitting room because I wanted to try on a crop top. The crop top was… interesting. It was just a little bit shorter than anticipated, I suppose. I really would like to find one eventually. The pants though, my goodness, they’re perfect. Sure, they look like all the other jeans I own but it’s like they have a little bit of magic sewn in because they make me feel fabulous. I will never turn down an item of clothing that makes me feel awesome so I had to have them. Plus they make my butt look bigger and I’m totally into that. Hah!

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