Laurel Grove + Bonaventure Cemetery // land camera photos

While in Savannah Mickey was super accommodating to my cemetery obsession, which was a really good thing because the cemeteries there are gorgeous. I know, I know, I say every cemetery is gorgeous but these ones topped every one I have ever visited before. First of all, I had never seen spanish moss before. I’m over here “what the heck kind of trees are those?” Haha! Spanish moss makes the cemetery look spooky, like a scene out of Scooby Doo. Beside the spanish moss covering the trees being the most beautiful thing ever, the headstones were all super old which is my favorite. I’m not a huge fan of new cemeteries, not that I’ll ever complain if someone takes me to a cemetery.

Anyway, these photos from my land camera don’t even begin to touch on how beautiful it was there. I shot a few rolls of 35mm film there as well so I’m sure I’ll be sharing more but in the mean time…

We visited Laurel Grove Cemetery, as well as Bonaventure Cemetery. Laurel Grove was my favorite of the two but heck, I wouldn’t be upset about going back to either of them.

Check out the last time I found a Frankenstein headstone here!

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