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I apologize in advance, this is the first of quite a few posts about my epic adventure with Mickey. If you don’t recall, Mickey travels teaching taxidermy. She invited me along to assist teaching her class in Savannah, Georgia. I gladly obliged. We left Ohio bright and early Thursday morning and came back Monday. It’s a twelve hour drive so Thursday and Monday were essentially just spent driving. We had a blast though. Mickey and I are basically long lost sisters. We, as mind blowing as it still is to me since we both have really strong personalities, didn’t fight at all. I could spent another five days with her, easy peasy. We enjoy a lot of the same things. Other than collecting beach glass, preserving dead things, and shooting film, we both really dig silly roadside attractions. We used a combination of the Roadside America app and website (they have oddly enough have different things on them) to find the best places to stop.

We saw the world’s largest cuckoo clock, Paul Bunyan and Babe, two elephants, a moose, a Great Dane and a few other strange things.

I shot SO many land camera photos over those five days plus seven rolls of 35mm film. I didn’t even bother taking along my digital camera because I knew I probably wouldn’t even use it. I still haven’t gotten the 35mm film back yet so I don’t even know what kind of awesomeness is on those but I can’t wait to find out.

I’m really excited to share more about this trip. It was literally the five best days of my life thus far. I wanted to take a roadtrip this year, I even made it one of my 2014 goals. But I never imagined I’d be doing it in February (dude, we have SO much snow right now!) and I honestly didn’t think it would be this fun. I feel like roadtripping might be something I need to make a major effort to do more often. It just feels right to me, if that makes sense.

Land camera film can be found on Amazon – black and white or color
The black and white film was recently discontinued, hence the major
price difference, so if you’d like some I’d stock up while you still
can. You can find all my land camera photos here.

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