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One last post* from Savannah before the posts about my latest trip start and it’s about one of my favorite things – cemeteries! Like I mentioned in the previous post with land camera photos, the cemeteries of Savannah that we were able to visit were gorgeous. Literally my favorite that I have ever been to and I have been to a lot. That spanish moss just kills me. 


I think the highlight of our cemetery lurking was trying to visit a pet cemetery that we were told was in the area.
Despite being sent a location pinned on a map, we couldn’t find it.
What we did find though were a series of strange trails just large
enough to navigate a car down. They were muddy, bumpy as all heck, and
super tight. There were even a couple instances I was sure we were done for and would have to call someone to come find us. I’m not even upset we couldn’t find the pet cemetery since
the adventure trying to find it was way more fun than a cemetery ever
could have been.


All of the photos above were taken with a pentax k1000 and Fujifilm 35mm Superia X-TRA 400.

*I’m not promising anything actually. There’s a very good possibility I could discover photos I forgot about from the trip or even think of something spectacular I forgot to share.

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