Hello again, green!

It hasn’t been too long since my hair was green last, but it’s never been this shade of green! After orange I dyed my hair purple which I never was really crazy about enough to take my usual new hair photos of it. The orange didn’t bleach out enough leaving my purple a little muddy. It just wasn’t my best dye job to be honest. I tried to wait as long as possible before bleaching out the purple. I made sure to take super hot showers and do everything I knew would help fade it. As luck would have it when I finally did bleach the purple it came completely out, so I was able to dye my hair as light of a color as I wanted.

I used a mix of Punky Color in alpine green, turquoise, and plum as well as electric lizard from Manic Panic (with equal parts conditioner, as always) I’m SUPER stoked about how it turned out. It’s already beginning to fade. I really just love hot showers. Ooops! But the green is fading to a fun yellowish shade that I’m obsessed with.

The only thing I need now is a hair cut… maybe! I’m sure just about every lady can relate to constantly wanting to grow your hair and cut it at the same time. My hair is the longest it’s been over a year and of course, it’s not holding a curl at all anymore because of that but it’s also looking super cute in a ponytail which is nice for summer. Ah! Who knows!?

You can find all my tips on bleaching, dying and maintaining colorful hair here.

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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