Abandoned school // part three

I’m back today with one last post full of photos from the abandoned school Jesi and I explored. You can find the previous two posts here and here. This last post is filled with some of my favorites from the day. I actually think this first one might be my absolute favorite of the whole bunch. I reeeally really love that “think” piece. Everything about it is beautiful. I actually made this photo of it the background on both of my computers.

In the lower level of the school, which for the record I really didn’t want to go in because it was dark as all heck and I’m a big chicken, we found the gymnasium. It was easily one of my favorite rooms in the whole place. There were bowling pins (you can see photos of them in last week’s post), cheerleader uniforms, and my absolute favorite find – the climbing rope. I think Jesi and I might have spotted it at exactly the same time and we were definitely both thinking the same thing. “Think we can swing on it?” A few tugs on it to make sure it was still sturdy and we were flying! I must have been running on pure adrenaline and didn’t realize what a workout I was getting until the next morning I woke up and my whole upper body was sore.

photo of me by Jesi

Our little adventure was an absolute blast, if you couldn’t tell by my three posts about it! I’m positive Jesi and I are going to have a summer full of fun together.

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