at the drive in

Last week Jeff and I went to the drive in. We didn’t get to catch a movie but we did have one heck of an awesome time. I’ve actually never been to a drive in, let alone an abandoned one. The screen has long since been removed but there’s still lots to see there including the dilapidated remnants of the concession stand, which is actually a decent sized building, and a spooky playground.

It was a super fun little adventure, perhaps one of my favorite to date for quite a few reasons. We actually weren’t 100% sure how to get there. As we walked along side a building we spotted three deer, which I, of course, squealed over. When we got too close for their comfort they ran through some brush showing us the hole in the fence that we just happened to be looking for. If it weren’t for them we most likely wouldn’t have even known it was there! Thanks guys!

I’m kind of weird about shooting photos in front of Jeff. I suppose I just feel intimated since he’s a wonderful photographer. This always leads to me either wandering away from him or just not really shooting as much as I’d like (Yeah, definitely a stupid thing I need to get over!) This day I just wandered away from him to shoot. As I walked around the outside of the building I happened look down at the ground and there was a perfect skull! Just a little bit of dried flesh that was easily pulled off but otherwise absolutely clean. It was like it was waiting on me to find it! That was just the icing on the cake of my wonderful day.

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  • This is really hauntingly beautiful…But it's so sad that a drive in has been left abandoned! One of my crazy dreams is to own one of those one day! You're a wonderful photographer, no worries 🙂