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The other day I spent some time picking trash up on the beach and realized I seemed to be finding A LOT of lighters. Every few steps I was finding one. I decided to pick all of them that I found up in hopes that I’d maybe find enough to take a special picture of them on their own. By the time I was done, maybe an hour and a half later, I had found fifty lighters total. Crazy, right? Of course, I had to lay them out in color order for the photo.

Aside from lighters, another thing I seem to find a lot of are combs. Beach combin’! Hehe! I also find a lot of tampon applicators but I don’t think I’ve reached the level of crazy where I think picking up tampon applicators on the beach is acceptable… yet.

Buuuuut I have reached the level of crazy where I’ve decided to keep all of the lighters I found that day and all of the lighters I find on the beach until the end of summer so that I can take a huge group photo of them. The handful of times I’ve been back to the beach since this time I’ve found maybe five or six more each time. Obviously that’s nowhere close to as many as the first time but it still seems like a lot. Anyone want to take a wild guess how many my end of summer group photo will have?  I’m super curious myself.


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