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One of the big stops on our trip was, of course, the Grand Canyon. Neither of us had ever been and you can’t drive by that close without making at least a quick stop. We visited on the first full day of the trip, drove straight from Denver, Colorado to the park. It was a 13.5 hour trip packed with tons of awesome little stops to take photos along the way (more on that another day though!) The Grand Canyon might have been our most touristy stop of the whole trip but it is definitely something you have to see for yourself. Photos do not do this place justice.

The photo above is one of my absolute favorite photos from the whole trip. 

One thing I found kind of funny about the Grand Canyon was there were no fences, at least not anywhere we were walking. Compared to the other parks we visited on this trip, the Grand Canyon was the most lax with rules, which makes it my favorite. I guess I have a bit of an issue with authority, so signs that tell me to stay back or keep on the path kind of make me a bit sour, even if they are for my own safety. I enjoyed the fact you could climb around anywhere you wanted for the most part.

Exiting the park we saw a sign for bison crossing. We both agreed that would be the only thing that could make our short trip to the Grand Canyon any better. What do we see around the next corner? A herd of bison! It was an incredible sight. There were so many of them. The babies were the cutest little things I’ve ever seen.

I think my mom would kill me if she knew how close we got to them. I seem to recall a home video from when we took a family trip out west when I was a toddler, we also saw a herd of bison then. She’s taping from the van and there are people approaching the bison for photos and she says “what idiots!” Haha. Sorry mom, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. Who knows when I’ll ever see bison again in person!? There was one point when Jeff was shooting photos of the largest male of the group and he locked eyes with Jeff’s camera. He just stared him down for the longest time. I had a mini freak out. “Jeff… Oh my gosh! Jeff… I think… we should go now…”

If you haven’t visited the Grand Canyon yet, you must make it a priority to do so in your lifetime! You certainly won’t regret it… unless, of course, you get too close to some bison. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • All those years living in the states and wanting to see a ton of places I never got to see most of them. Grand Canyon was definitely on that list but who knows when I'll be back there going around the country. I'll just have to enjoy it from your photos for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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