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Last week I met up with Jesi to do some exploring at Molly Stark. Molly Stark Hospital served as a tuberculosis sanatorium in the 1930s. It later became a state hospital for the mentally ill and the aged, and eventually closed it’s doors in 1995. The grounds have since been made into a public park.

I kind of consider Molly Stark to be the holy grail of abandoned buildings. There aren’t many photos of the inside online, at least not tagged, and lots of people get busted there. I kind of had a bad feeling about the whole idea but to my relief/disappointment Molly Stark is closed up tight so we didn’t get to go inside.

I rarely take my land camera along when I know I’m going to be inside building just because I don’t own a flash for it and it really does best in very bright light. But since I knew the exterior of the building was so beautiful I brought it along and captured these photos.

I also shot a bunch of photos of the exterior with my 60D which maybe are a little bit more fun to look at since they’re in color and my goodness the ivy on this building is GORGEOUS but I have yet to even begin to sort through them. Hopefully I captured some winners that I’ll be able to share sometime soon.

You can find land camera film here: black and white or color.
If you’re interested in buying a land camera check out your local
thrift store, but if you’re in a hurry there are always some floating
around on ebay. I bought mine from Film Photography Project on ebay a few years back when they were having a sale. They do currently have a few in their webstore.
They’re slightly pricey compared to what you’d find at a thrift store
or estate sale but they have been tested and come with batteries. Plus
they have really great service that I can attest to! When I first got
the camera I had no idea what to do with but it actually came with an
instructional DVD and that’s pretty stinken awesome if you ask me.

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