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In a very short time I’m embarking on my first bonafide roadtrip. I’ll be visiting states I’ve never been to (or that I haven’t been to since I was under 5!) I’m beyond excited. It’s basically all I can think about. Needless to say, I’m kind of freaking out about packing and planning outfits. I’m trying really hard to keep it simple since there will be a lot of time spent in the car, maybe not enough showers and definitely lots of warm weather.

Obviously the main thing I’m planning on packing is my camera. And by “my camera” I mean at least four different cameras and tons of film. When I think of all the amazing photo opportunities I’ll have my heart skips a beat. I’m trying to pack super light but I already know the bulk of my things will be camera supplies and film.

What are your roadtrip essentials?

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  • A charger that will charge my iPod in the car is a MUST. Silence is great sometimes, but I love my tunes! I'd go crazy if I couldn't jam to my oldies.

  • It may just be that I had a string of crappy cars that loved to break in the middle of nowhere but I'm paranoid to the point that I like to make sure that I have a fix-a-flat, extra tire, jumper cables in the trunk and a gallon of water in case the car over heats.

  • When I was younger I lived in my VW bus & followed the Grateful Dead for long stretches of time … the things I was always relieved to have on hand were a flashlight, tp, water, and a source of fire (waterproof matches or windproof lighter). We took a nice long road trip from Northern California to Tennessee & back again last summer & those things were just as indispensable as they had been 20 years ago. Have ALL the fun! Out on the road, especially while exploring new to you states & possibly not taking the beaten path, is the place to be!

  • I'm the same with packing for trips, it's all about what cameras and film to take! I'm coming to America in September and all I can think about is all the amazing photo opportunities to! xx

  • My two cameras, iPad, iPhone and MacBook always travel with me. As do my two styluses so that I can sketch on my iPad. Notebooks and colored pens, my meds, makeup, ear plugs. And some outfits, obviously. I tend to pack light.