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Just a collection of plants I’ve pressed since moving to Cleveland. I wish I had a more permanent way to display them since they are kind of special to me but the few times I’ve tried to glue or mod podge them it hasn’t turned out very well. (Any tips from personal experience, anyone?) So for now they’re just sitting on this piece of paper in a box with my other pressed plants. I’d love to frame them like this, I think it looks beautiful.

I’m very happy with how that mushroom pressed too! I get a lot of questions about pressing mushrooms whenever I post a photo of one but it really is hit or miss. About half of the ones I press end up moldy or just completely stuck to my notebook. Luckily this one dried beautifully.

PS. If you’re looking for tips on pressing flowers, look no further.

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  • I'm a museum curator and the herbarium sheets I've looked at in the past are fixed using little bits of tape over the stems of the specimens. Museums are a fan of the 3M 'scotch tape' as the adhesive doesn't break down. I've read that you can also use dental tape and knot it on the reverse. Hope that's helpful.


  • For some reason I can picture them stitched onto the cardboard with embroidery thread (like the new trend with embroidering onto photographs). Of course you would have to do it by hand as it would be pretty delicate work (maybe pre-punching holes in the card with a needle, or even stitching the card with a machine first then either tucking the branches in or leaving some loose threads to either tie bows or thread back through the holes in the card with a needle to hold them in place). Then mounted in a glass frame that won't crush the leaves… Man, I might even try this myself if I can find a good frame! Time to press some leaves!

  • This is so great, I think I am going to try it. The last time I pressed anything was in high school when we did a project on the ocean and had to present 3 kinds of seaweed but they didn't teach us how to dry and the press them. Needless to say, the teacher had a lot of soggy, smelly papers to mark that week

  • I've always loved to press plants, but this summer I started taking it more seriously! I've already filled up a great deal of my press book, and I was thinking about making bookmarks or even pendants out of them!
    Your mushroom did turn out perfectly. 😀