Happy birthday, professor!

My little guy turns four today, rather our four year anniversary together is today. Four years ago today I was waiting in line to see The Smashing Pumpkins when my mom text me a picture of a tiny, sick kitten she had found in her driveway. I had always wanted a Siamese cat! The plan wasn’t for me to keep him, but I fell in love. I was his from the second I saw him.

I legitimately think Professor is the best cat ever. He’s a perfect companion. This sweet little guy could turn even the meanest, toughest, cat hater into a pile of mush. The only thing that’s changed about this guy since he was a kitten is that he’s darker. I can’t believe how white he used to be! Other than that he’s still the same cuddly, talkative, goofball who is always trying to get into the fridge. He has the sweetest little voice that breaks my heart into a million pieces every he meows. There’s nothing this cat would love more than to lay in bed with me (or Jeff, his new best friend!) and cuddle all day.

A few of my favorite posts featuring Professor Stingray…
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It’s the little things… like walking into the bedroom and finding this kittenfest.
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Kitten yawn in progress – Would you check out those tiny teeth?! Eeep!

Happy Birthday little guy! I’m so glad you’re mine.

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