Victoreen Instrument Company

by Kaylah Stroup
The same day these photos were taken Jeff, Brandon and I also explored an abandoned building that was formerly The Victoreen Instrument Company. Victoreen manufactured radiation meters. They provided much of the radiation equipment for the Manhattan Project (think atomic bombs, if you’re not familiar). The building was built in 1926. Victoreen left in 1978 and the factory was bought by another company for $1. The property was transferred a few more times before the final sale in 2009. One would assume the building was probably used but not properly cared for a little while before eventually falling into disrepair. It’s a fairly big building, probably one of the largest I’ve explored to date. I really enjoyed shooting it.

I’m so pleased with these photos. I feel like I’m finally really finding my footing with shooting abandoned spaces. For a little while I was really struggling because of the limitations of my everyday lens, the 40mm, and just being frustrated with editing. Not too long ago I purchased a new lens that finally lets me shoot what I’m picturing in my head when I walk into these places. It’s actually kind of renewed my love of digital photography. In the last few months I’ve definitely been reaching for my pentax over the 60D but that’s changed since buying that lens.

I actually have another post full of photos from this same building, I just couldn’t narrow down my favorites from the day. I’ll be sharing those next week or so. 

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