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I’ve been meaning to take outfit pictures nearly every single day for the last two or so weeks but every time I go to get dressed for the day I find myself reaching for a black and white striped dress. They’re all different, hence why I own so many. Different stripe widths, different cuts, and tiny little variations like that are what gives me the excuse to keep buying them. But when it comes down to outfit pictures a blog full of striped dresses probably just wouldn’t be that interesting …or maybe it would!

Right now Modcloth is having a sale on dozens of new arrivals. While I was browsing through them my eyes kept being drawn to the same type of things, black and white items! I thought it might be fun to make a collage of my favorites from the sale section. I’m particularly fond of that first dress.

A not black and white bonus: these shoes! I actually own a black version of them, go figure, but they sure are dreamy in brown!

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  • Oh! I'm the same way. All of my clothes seem to black and while right now and always dots or stripes in every size. I can't control it anymore. I had to just give in, ha!.

  • Yes! I have a black and white striped dress from Anthropologie that is pretty much always the first thing I wear after doing laundry. So it spends most of the time in the hamper… haha. I find myself drawn to black or black and white right after I color my hair… I guess so the pretty, bold colors have a chance to shine (and I don't feel like just a beacon of attention, though I know it's probably a sad illusion)! 🙂