Calvary + Elmwood Cemeteries

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged about, let alone explored, any cemeteries. It’d been so long I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy wandering aimlessly around a cemetery, reading all the inscriptions, figuring out how old people were, and trying my best to pronounce unique last names. I set aside some time last week and ventured out to spend some time in a new cemetery. When I arrived at the address I had found online I was more than pleased to notice there were actually two cemeteries, the one I had come to see, and one right across the street!

What made this cemetery so great to me was the pictures on headstones. I’ve seen one here and there at various other cemeteries but never this many! Anything other than the regular name, date, cliche quote on a headstone gets me excited.

I actually haven’t been to many cemeteries around my new apartment, this actually might even be the first new one I’ve been to since moving here. Clearly I need to get back at it!

Author: Kaylah

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  • wow, i think these are my favorite cemetery photos you've ever posted! i can't believe how many pictures on the headstones you found– and the most perfect lighting! great shots, kaylah!

  • I love seeing photos on headstones, but I like the old ones much more than the tacky new (and in color) pictures. I need to get out and explore new cemeteries too! I keep going to the same one in my neighborhood because it's so easy to walk to.

  • Headstones with photos are my favorite! (Is that weird to say?) There's only one cemetery in my area that has loads of them, but every time I spot one I have to check it out. Any really old headstones pique my interest, really. There's just something about them, even if half the time I can't read the information on them because they're so weather-worn.

    These are beautiful photos, by the way. I've never seen a mausoleum quite like the one in the first picture.