gratuitous mushrooms photos

It’s been a minute since I’ve dedicated an entire post to mushroom photos. Last month’s camping trip with my family was the perfect excuse to spend the weekend with my eyes peeled looking for mushrooms. To be honest, that might be my favorite thing about camping. I mean sitting around the fire at night is pretty great, but mushrooms, man!

The photo above are of Monotropa uniflora, perhaps better known by one of it’s awesome common names including corpse plant, ghost plant or indian pipe. They’re a particularly eye catching plant. I was hiking with around eight family members, half of which at some point stopped me to ask what those were. They lack chlorophyll and are actually a parasitic plant. I don’t see them so much in Ohio, at least not around me (although they do grow here) but every time I’ve camped in Pennsylvania the ground is just littered with them. Other than the fact that they’re all white, which I think is really interesting, I like that kind of look like they’re sad.

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • These are all so amazing, it's hard to pick a favorite! I really like the orange ones, or that rounded spiky one two photos below, that almost look like it's a light green color?

  • Oh Mushrooms, how I love thee.

    There they sit, with all of their fairytale properties, here comes Kaylah to take a perfect picture. The mushroom gods celebrate you! You are educating and showcasing them for everybody to see – the mushroom lovers and the non mushroom lovers. I thank you for that. It's important for us to share how important nature is. Every little thing, the ugly and the winsome, all make up the recipe of an ecosystem.
    Wonderful work Kaylah!