what I wore : a typical ride

tank top – c/o The Home. T
shorts – Target
back pack – Lowepro
patch – Kimberlin Co.
shoes – Flex Lace via Palladium Boots
bicycle – State Bicycle Co.

Finally, an outfit that’s a little bit more typical of what you’d see if you spotted me out and about including sweat, bike grease, and a ton of bruises! This is basically my biking uniform as of late. For a while I was dealing with the worst pain while biking, need I say more? I just could not get comfortable on my saddle. Most days I could deal with it, but it wasn’t fun. There were even a few nights we had to call it quits early because I couldn’t stand to sit on my bike longer. I bought a fancy new saddle built for ladies, which seemed to solve my problem for a few weeks then I started noticing it again. I finally gave in and decided to purchase the one thing I said I never would – bike shorts. I looked all around but couldn’t find any that felt comfortable. Everything I tried was so weird and bulky. Plus they just looked like I was wearing a giant diaper. As a last resort I purchased these yoga shorts and wouldn’t ya know it – they’re perfect. My problem all along was the seam in my shorts, sitting on that for long periods of time is not comfortable. With these new shorts I feel like I could bike forever. Plus they’re sleek enough that I could wear them under a dress if I decide to ride in one.

I guess this outfit isn’t necessarily super cute but I feel really good in it. I’m still not sold on biking in a dress actually. Something about getting really sweaty in a dress doesn’t feel right to me. Regardless if it’s “stylish” or not, in this outfit I feel strong, which is the best. Riding in general makes me feel strong. On the day these were taken I hit 300 miles. That’s more than I’ve ever biked in my whole life. Being active again feels amazing. Shoot, it’s been since I was in middle school since I did anything “sporty”! It’s incredible how great a little bit of physical activity will make you feel. 

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