abandoned factory

Recently we explored an abandoned factory. This Cleveland subsidiary of two larger companies was formed in 1968. By 1980 it was one of the largest machine-tool manufacturers in the United States. Three short years passed before the company began to suffer due to Japanese competition, the recession, and corporate inefficiencies. They restructured, cut the workforce in half and continued to have lots of ups and downs for the remainder of its years. Eventually in 2002 the factory was completely abandoned after a few years of only a portion of the building being utilized.

 What these photos aren’t showing you is all the trash in the building. Actually, you can kind of see it off in the distance in the reflection photo! The majority of these photos were taken on the outside edges of the building, as well as on the second floor. In the middle of this place, on the bottom floor, it’s just all trash. Trash piled higher than your head. More trash than I’ve ever seen anywhere other than a dump. Surprisingly it didn’t really smell all that bad. Although I imagine on a hot summer day it would be intolerable.


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