waterfalls, caves + bridges

Earlier in the week I shared photos from our quick day trip to Rochester. The abandoned subway took up a nice chunk of the day but it wasn’t all we did. We drove around the city for a while looking for a few spots we had heard of, and briefly researched but none of them really panned out for us. While we were looking for one of the spots we saw a cave. I was initially less than enthused about hiking down a massive hill to get to it but since the boys were pumped about it I didn’t really have much of a choice. I grudgingly followed behind whining about how the hill hurt my knees.

The waterfall was creating the nicest, most refreshing mist, and there was a beautiful grassy knoll. It was like something from another country. It just didn’t seem like something you should find in the middle of the city. I think my favorite part was how even though it was in the middle of the city, there weren’t many people there. It’s an incredible spot and somehow the three of us, and some dude fishing were the only ones there to relish in it’s beauty. It’s quite a hike down, and for some silly reason we decided to make our own path on the way back up, holy smokes, it was a cliiiiimb, but it was totally worth it to be that close to the falls!

After that we did a bit of monkeying around on a bridge that was right beside an abandoned building. It was actually one of my favorite parts of the whole trip!

Basically, it was no fun at all! Just kidding, obviously! Rochester is a super awesome city. I’ve visited a lot of new cities this year and this is one of two that I could totally picture myself living in. (Ya know, if I wasn’t completely in love with Cleveland!) 

PS. On a kind of related note; if live in Rochester, or are even passing through, go eat at Magnolia’s. I am not a foodie. Give me a burger, and I’m happy. BUT DAAAANG SON, that was a good lunch. I highly, highly recommend the buffalo chicken wrap. 

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