what I wore : overalls

the dainty squid, purple hair, palladium boots
colorful hair, the dainty squid, kaylah doolan,
palladium boots
overalls, the dainty squid, purple hair, palladium boots
overalls, ootd, the dainty squid, kaylah doolan
shirt – TJ Maxx
overalls – TJ Maxx
boots – Palladium Boots
camera bag – Lowepro Fastpack 250
patch – Best Made Co.
pins – trouble from No Fun Press, explorer + lost at last from Explorer’s Press, beetle by Robbie Porter, tooth is vintage
Y’all, the weather has taken a turn here in Ohio! Not that that is anything out of the ordinary since the weather in Northeast Ohio is notoriously crazy but what I really mean is that fall has hit! Wahoo!! I’ve been enjoying days filled with hot chocolate, hoodies, and empty beaches. It’s pretty incredible how quickly it changed, but I’m certainly not complaining. It’s my favorite time of the year and this is kind of my favorite outfit. I’ve worn it just over a handful of times already since the weather has changed. The best thing about it is that I actually have multiple pairs of overalls and tons of striped shirts so I can basically wear a clean version of this same outfit all the time. Haha.
On another note, can we just take a second to talk about how small the pockets in ladies jeans are?! What am I even supposed to put in there? I actually had a bunch of quarters in my pocket (for laundry, I don’t normally just carry around a tiny pocket full of quarters, promise!) and I lost some because those pockets are so darn useless. I saw a thing the other day making fun of how girls always respond to the compliment “nice dress!” with “It has pockets!” But dang man, if womens pants had pockets that held anything we wouldn’t be so pumped about dresses that have actual useful pockets! Kind of a strange thing to rant about I guess, but it’s silly that I can’t even fit my keys in any of my pants pockets.
Hope you have a most fabulous Wednesday!


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  • I agree about the pockets! I often have "girls clothes are lacking in the pocket area" rants myself. Another thing I cannot understand is why male blazer jackets have inside pockets and ladies' do not. Why not? I want to be awesome and pull out my wallet or flask or matches or whatever from the secure inside pocket, too 🙁 haha

  • I'm usually not a fan of overalls, but these are adorable! I really love them paired with stripes.
    Also, I totally agree about the pockets. I even have "decorative" pockets that are sewn closed… what's the point of that?