Lagoon Deer Park

I have a long standing love of deer parks. After my first one, I was hooked. Last year I discovered Lagoon Deer Park in Sandusky. It was kind of a long drive from where I lived before but after realizing I only live an hour away now I made it priority to head out there last week. It was so awesome. Just like my last visit, I was the only person there. I had all the deer to myself! The gentleman who runs the place was kind enough to let even more deer out into the huge pen with me. I can’t fail to mention the fact there were even babies. Gahh! There aren’t words to explain how much I love this place. Here’s your daily dose of cute…

Lagoon Deer Park is definitely worth the trip if you’re anywhere nearby! I’m excited to make visiting an annual tradition now that I live so much closer.

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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