living room tour // round two

by Kaylah Stroup
I’ve been living in my cute little apartment for nearly eight months now. The living room was the first room I finished decorating, and shortly after I shared photos on the blog. I had thought it changed a lot since then but upon looking back, I guess not. It’s officially home now, and somehow that makes it feel like it looks different to me.

I think the biggest change since the first time I shared photos of the room might actually be a small one, the TV. A few people even mentioned in the original post how neat they thought was I didn’t have a television in my living room. When I moved in I figured the best place for my TV was my bedroom so I could watch Netflix in bed, which I definitely do every night! I rather like falling asleep to noise. But I missed sitting on the couch and watching TV. It’s not that I missed certain shows but I missed the routine of folding laundry and watching TV, or curling up on my couch to watch a movie. With winter coming, I will inevitably be spending more time indoors so I’m happy to have finally added the final thing the room seemed to be missing.

source list //
globe mirrors
record player
Ice cream lamp, globe lamp, map, butterfly wall hanging, hutch, coffee table, cat statue, and invisible man are vintage. Old wedding photos rescued from the trash. Insect pillow is from Target. Blue pillow is from Ikea.

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