Hello, Orange!

orange hair, pink hair, purple hair, short colorful hair
orange and pink hair

I’ve shared photos of my new hair color already but I do like making an “official” post about it after each big change. Even if only so I can document the colors I used. I mix shades like crazy so without making note of it somewhere I have no idea for future reference. This is definitely one I’ll be keeping for a while, and coming back to time and time again.

Orange, pink, and purple aren’t necessarily three colors I would normally put together but a few weeks back I was riding my bike around downtown when I looked up at Terminal Tower. Terminal Tower is a 52 story skyscraper, essentially it’s Cleveland’s centerpiece. The building has 508 LEDs that are lit up every night, and often change colors. That night when I looked up Terminal Tower was orange, pink, and purple. It looked so beautiful. The second I saw it I knew those had to be my next set of hair colors.

Since this was a spur of the moment dye job – when is not? – I had to settle with whatever colors I could get my hands on. I really wanted to use Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange for a more vibrant shade but of course, nowhere around here sells that. Here’s the list of what I ended up using…

Manic Panic Sunshine
Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink
Manic Panic Pillarbox Red
Manic Panic Pretty Flamingo – in two different shades?
Color Jamz Yellin Yellow
Punky Colours Fuego
Punky Colours Purple

I mixed all the reds, oranges and the yellow together with equal parts conditioner for my orange shade. It ended up maybe a little bit peachier than planned but still beautiful. Pretty Flamingo was/is kind of baffling. One of the bottles was orange, the perfect color, and the other was peachy pink. Had that been something I ordered online I would have been mad. (So, beware that you may not get the color pictured if you do buy that color online!) But even with settling for colors I used, I’m pumped about the results.

orange, pink, purple hair, dainty squid

This is probably my favorite dye job is a loooong time. Its always fun to try something a bit new and out of my comfort zone.

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