by Kaylah Stroup
Ever since I started this blog I’ve done a Thanksgiving post where I post about what I’m thankful for…just like every other blogger. I skipped the post last year because I was at a really strange place in my life. That was actually the day I told my mom I wanted to move to Cleveland. It’s insane to me how different my life is now compared to this same day one year ago. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. In no order at all, here’s a very short list of things that make me cry a little when I think about them too long… 
(I’m so serious too, I’m a crier!)

My apartment in the most wonderful city. I’ve said it once, and I’m sure I’ll say it at least another hundred thousands times; I love this city.  I’m so happy to have settled into so city life so quickly and easily. I belong here. Although I’m ready to start looking for a new place, I do love this apartment. It’s the perfect size for all my collections and I.

The best roommates. This year is actually the first time in my life I’ve lived alone. It wasn’t that strange at first, it felt normal. But a few months in, it hit me. I’m never going to come home to dinner cooking, or music on or anything in this apartment. I don’t miss a person in particular, I miss a feeling. I like having someone in another room doing their own thing while I do mine. Living alone can be super lonely for me at times but Klaus, Professor, and Squid are really great company. I seriously don’t know how anyone lives alone without pets. These three are lifesavers!

A tight knit group of incredible friends. I’ve never really had a lot of friends. In high school I had maybe two or three super close friends. I lost touch with them and then basically only concentrated on a relationship – that failed. When I moved to Cleveland I had one friend. Then I met Jeff and was instantly welcomed into his group of friends. I’ve never felt so comfortable so quickly around a group of people. Almost immediately I was being corrected by Jeff for saying “your friends” because they were (are) my friends too.

Jason, Brandon, Rachel, Garrett, Jake, and of course, Jeff – I LOVE YOU GUYS, and I’m so incredibly thankful to have you all in my life. I couldn’t ask for a more awesome group of pals!

It probably seems silly to most, but dude, this list isn’t complete without my bike! It’s insane to me how much something that I’ve known about my whole life could mean so much to be when I rediscovered it as an adult. My bike makes me feel confident, healthy, strong, sexy, and in control. I’m not sure there is any time that I’m happier than when I’m on my bike. I took to cycling like a fish to water.

Last but not least, all of you! I’m so fortunate to be able to blog for a living. I couldn’t do that without you guys. And even more than being able to blog for living, I love connecting with people through my blog. Over the past two years there have been lots of big changes in my life and obstacles that I’ve overcome but it makes it even more exciting to get an email or comment from someone doing the same thing. I connected with people from all across the world doing the same things I was doing – getting their license late in life, moving to a new city, getting on their own two feet, etc. Being able to share my experiences with so many people is a crazy good feeling.  Thank you all so much for reading, commenting, emailing, liking, sharing, everything!

I hope you all have an incredible Thanksgiving.

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