what I wore : ALIENS!

alien sweater,
the dainty squid, alien sweater, orange hair, kaylah doolan
sweater – c/o Shredders Apparel
jeans – H&M
rings – rainbow fortune teller ring c/o Demiflux, question mark ring
boots – Palladium Boots

Hey, surprise! I dyed my hair! I always try to do a post featuring just photos of my hair after every big change before showing it off in an outfit post but since I’m getting it chopped off tomorrow I figured I’d just wait to do that until after. So, “official” hair photos coming soon with dye details and photos that really show off how beautiful it really is!

In other news, how awesome is this sweater!? Last year I got their bigfoot sweater, seen here, and this year I chose aliens! I’ve been hoarding it away until it was cold enough to wear it since it’s a seriously warm sweater! I actually went to the beach without a coat, just the sweater and was comfortable. It’s finally feeling like fall is over in Ohio, which I’m not quite sure how to feel about. Mostly because I want to be on my bike and daaaaang, it’s cold. I never thought I’d be pining for those hot days of summer where it felt like I was biking on the sun, but I kind of am. It’ll be back soon enough though. Guess I’ll just enjoy sweater weather, and crunchy leaves while I can since it’ll be snowing before I know it!

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